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Personal nutrition planning

An in-depth, scientific analysis of everything you eat and its effect on your body and health. This will include an assessment of deficiencies or excesses in your diet, accompanied by recommended changes for you to use as a template for your new, healthy lifestyle.

Fridge & larder laundry

Making the right food choices can be confusing. I advise patients, families and household staff on how to adapt favourite recipes, change shopping habits, and substitute food products to make your weekly diet healthier, delicious and satisfying.
Restaurant recipe analysis

This is particularly helpful for people who eat out a lot, as the risks of gaining weight are increased. Just tell me your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner venues and the meals you prefer. I'll then advise you on the best menu choices for your health and weight loss campaign. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of great food that you can still eat and wine is not forbidden!

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