Introducing  Oatfit, the  porridge recipe   to  give you a healthy and nutritious start to the  day

I stress to all my patients that they should never skip breakfast and that it is essential to start the day with food that packs a nutritional punch.

To help them, I devised Oatfit, a wholegrain porridge recipe and promised that if they tried it for seven days, they wouldn't look back. The feedback has been so positive that many of them said I should make it available to everyone. So I've taken their advice!

Oatfit is a science-led breakfast recipe that will:


  • Keep you feeling full for longer and cut out mid-morning snacks

  • Help those trying to lose weight start the day with a healthy choice

  • Improve cholesterol and boost stamina and energy levels

  • Benefit your heart and other vital organs

Try it for seven days and you will feel the benefits. Go to for more information and to place your first order. Enjoy!


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