Wendy O'Neill  RNutr

Wendy O'Neill, nutritionist

Wendy is a Registered Nutritionist and member of The Nutrition Society, Europe's largest learned society for nutrition. She provides scientific, evidence-based information and advice which is governed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN), the voluntary regulator for Registered Nutritionists.

She has experience in the NHS and private practice and treats dietary-related health problems such as raised cholesterol, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, liver and kidney disease, IBS, intolerances and allergies. Her speciality is long-term, sustainable weight loss, with maintenance programmes tailored for individuals and families.

Through her work with schools and families she deals with eating-related issues, including bulimia, anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, deficiencies, weight loss and weight gain.

Wendy shuns fad diets and the promotion of unnecessary supplements, preferring individual plans based on a patient’s requirements and lifestyle. Her mission is to improve health, well-being, self-esteem and fitness with an achievable, life-long plan.

A former journalist, Wendy has worked with companies such as Muller, George Foreman and Yazoo, was media spokesperson for the Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers (ACFM) and contributes to newspapers, magazines, radio and television.